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Tigger, Spiders, and Job Shadows, oh my!

How cute is this? I want one XD

For our service day coming up, I'll be shadowing my dad on an inspection. It may not be the exact day, it'll probably be the weekend before hand, which is good because then I get to sleep in on that day XD

Here's my Chloe. I'm getting really nervous that she's going to lay eggs, she keeps getting fatter everyday.

This is Jean-Claude in his newest web: across the front door. This crazy spider now has three webs that he keeps moving between. I doubt he'll keep this one.

Yeah...I'm weird, but someone wanted to see them, so here they are! I must admit though, Jean-Claude is one creepy spider. You should have seen Corey jump when he first saw him, at least 3 feet in the air, seriously.
Tags: life, pictures, school, spiders
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