Jesca (azarathianroth) wrote,

If you were a food, which would you be?
If I were compared to a food, it would most likely be fudge. There are a few reasons why I would be this, the first and most important is that fudge is not your average dessert. Fudge is its own category of sweets, and I also cannot be categorized as any specific thing. Another reason why I relate to this food is that it is an acquired taste, not everyone likes it. And I except that about myself; I’m not popular, but I do have a small group of people who like me for me, which I would rather have anyway. Like servings of fudge, I’m small and sweet. And, like this food, I am frequently a little nutty.
However, as with most things, there are bad qualities as well. I will admit to occasionally having these as well as the good traits of fudge. The first is that fudge is messy, and I can certainly be a little unorganized. From time to time I can also be a little thick. Another downside to fudge, like most sweets, is that they are prejudged as being unhealthy or full of empty calories. People are always so quick to judge that I feel they fail to see what I’m really about, therefore I’m prejudged as well. In conclusion, I have many of the good and bad qualities of fudge.

(and a special LJ-only addition for Karina)
On our site, I'm the fudge, and Karina would be the brownies. There are very few people who don't find brownies likable, and the same is true for Karina. She's very sweet and has many sides. She can be a little square sometimes, but we love her for it.
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