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You know you work at Bengston's when...

-You are no longer embarrassed about wearing long underwear
-You understand the importance of the "Bengston triple" even if you've never heard it called that
-As a first year you probably thought the "secret bathroom" was real
-You cheer when the skeleton band is "on strike"
-You want to join the gummy worm patrol
-You've suspected at least half your customers of being illiterate due to the fact that they never read the signs
-You wonder why no one bothers to count their change
-You know the guy in pizza by his "magnificent moustache"
-You know that "Steady Eddie" works in info, and wonder whoever gave him that name in the first place
-You know all the Bengstons, even if you can't remember their first names all the time
*Double points if you know how they're all related to each other
*Triple points if you know Anna and Scott's real mom
-You're forced to question the sanity of those customers who come in 30º weather, when it's pouring rain
-You've questioned your sanity some days
-No matter where you work you're always asked more questions than information
-You admit the place is a rip-off, but not to the customers
-You've locked your register in between customers just to see the time without digging for your watch under your layers of shirts
-You've literally counted the minutes until you could leave
-8:00 means something to you
-Your only required uniform is a button (no one would see a shirt under all your layers)
-You believe the south parking lot down the hill should have "employee only" signs up
-You don't understand the hay house
-You know Dolores by her voice
-You've probably had a relative or friend work at Bengston's, or will next year
-You view the family pass as valuable as gold
-You dread going to the bathroom and having to remove any layers (especially if you work rides or the pig races)
-You always call "Hambone" as such, even if you know his real name
-You've waited in a line at the time clock
-You find it impossible to talk to any other employee without mentioning the weather and/or the time
-By your second year you are fully trained to work on at least three stations
-You probably haven't been to most of the attractions since you were a kid
-You find it amazing that the tree above the heater by the train hasn't burned down yet
-A day when photo doesn't have any technological problems is unheard of
-You'll never get "that song" out of your head
-You have mixed feelings about the commercials, and sometimes can't seem to escape them
-You know you need to be certified to change lightbulbs
-You celebrate Halloween in a whole new way, the end of Bengston's for another year
-You don't know where the tree farm is
-You always use the coat you brought "just in case"
-You've gotten windburn at least once
-You know that chapstick is a must
-You've gotten bored enough to write something like this, or actually do the homework you brought with
-You don't know the last names of most the people you work with
-You either know, or have wondered at, the reason why there's a whole new staff for the petting zoo this year

I was bored. I'll get more. Thanks to John, Ed, and Jason for some of these, and for keeping me entertained ^-^
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