Jesca (azarathianroth) wrote,

I swear the best ideas come out of a shower head.

A friend graduated last year, and it made a little cut on me (metaphorically of coarse). This year I'll be the one graduating, and I may never see some of my friends again, that may break me. You ever notice when you have something, and it breaks, you can put it all back together, but there's always a little bit of difference? That it never seems the same even if all the pieces are there and in their right place? So, it will probably break me, yes. And I can be fixed, given time and a lot of superglue and duct tape, but I doubt I'll ever be the same. It can never be the same.

That's what my shower head told me today.

You know, besides the reoccuring thought of the moment where I walked into guidance today and saw "Richie" and thought to myself "that guy is absobloodlylutely gorgeous", I couldn't get that line out of my head all day
Tags: friends, quotes, rants, relationships, school
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