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Ahoy maties! Jez be really tired an' hungry, so she sent me to post fer her. Aye, 'tis me, Talia th' Whisk Pirate! Now if you dasn't know, today be talk like a pirate day, so let's celebrate wi' some links an' general mayhem!

Th' official talk like a pirate day website

LJ be showin' some love fer th' swashbucklers in the'r layout. On yer userpage 't will say things like pirate name, maties, mutual mates, an' crew member of. Nay t' mention this:

Some of me favorite buccanneers:
Nay forget this guy!
That`s a genuine waterbendin' scroll we borrowed
Stefan Karl be a true life buccanneer if ye ask me
Every landlubber's favorite lazy swashbucklers!
Danger Room Program: Burroughs-17
Blue Tail the pirate vs. Captain Eagle!
Th' funniest crew this side o' th' caribbean (featuring the other eagle pirate)
An' naturally, th' today`s most famous gentleman o' fortune

An' ye must always remember th' real life pirates!

Now e'en ye c'n talk like a buccanneer!

I highly suggest watching Th' Pirates o' th' Caribbean an' Muppet Treasure Island (Tim Curry love!) tonight matey!

Unrelated, but Jez an' I love this picture, though we feel sorry fer Jamie an' want t' give th' lad a big hug (cover o' X-Factor #14)

An' now Athyna an' I are off to make somethin' fer pirate day, and maybe find some food fer Jez, nay anyone like a hungry Jez.
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