Jesca (azarathianroth) wrote,

The Mayberry Gazette: "My wife and I do not even like our children"

Our hometown newspaper is hilarious sometimes. Mum and I call it the Mayberry Gazette

For those who simply must have context, on page A6 it continues the sentence to say "play in the front for fear of safety." But still, ending the page with "my wife and I do not even like our children" is pretty hilarious. Aren't the newspaper people proof-reading this stuff?
Tags: lol
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Argggh. My computer has been really stupid tonite. And my mom and I were going to watch "A Beautiful Mind" and I was just squeeing over Paul Bettany's character and then my mom got a phone call so now I am...this.
Awww, I'm sowwy *hugs* Cheese?
Lol, that's funny.

That's exactly how it is on Golden Oak Drive and on the sidestreets. I've actually seen a cop hiding in the alley on Golden Oak, which is good because people just go 60 down that street like there's no tomorrow. I think it's 25 as well. The sidestreets are the same. But I care less about those because the kids that play in the street have it coming when they deliberately go in front of your car and refuse to move.

But really, thought, it's practically impossible to catch everybody.

I just felt like talking about that sorry lol.
Yes, they are, but they would have only complained if he wrote, "my wyf and i dont evin leik owr childrun..." or something like that. :P