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Know what really ticks me off? When Reneé goes out of her way to do everything that bugs me.

She turns on the tv when I'm trying to do something downstairs. She asks me to go drive places and pick up her friend because she doesn't want my dad to go. She steals my things (this time it was my fuzzy dice, that's all I know of so far). She takes more than one piece of Dominick's pizza at a time. She turns up the volume on tv waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too loud. She invites people over without asking anyone (then makes us go get them). And worst of all: she tries to be me. And fails horribly because she's nothing like me. She's over here trying to impress Ally by saying "oh, in high school I'm going to take computer art and creative writing" and other things that are totally mine that she doesn't express any interest in at all when Ally isn't around.

She's a liar, a hypocrite, and an annoying little sister.

but on the bright side I got Shine to work through my iTunes and I've heard many of my faves (like "sunny days" and "dead man")
Tags: family, rants
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